Children First
Organisational Structure

January 29, 2000

  • Children First, hereafter also referred to as CF, is an international campaign that strives to expand its activities to as many countries and communities as possible.
  • Children First is managed by its Chairperson. The Chairperson is responsible for the international activities and coordination of local activities.
    • The Chairperson is selected by the Founding Committee of CF for a term of two years.
    • In order to organize, lead and coordinate the activities of the CF, the Chairperson establishes the Central Office and selects its members.
  • Children First organizes its network of members and activists by setting up local offices in different countries and cities.
    • All local offices have their own contact addresses and are managed by their own chairperson.
    • Decisions at local offices are taken at their meetings with the local activists, where they prioritize their local tasks, organize accordingly, and set up commissions, committees or any other assemblies that they see fit.
    • Local projects and programs must be approved by the Central Office.
  • As a general rule, apart from a few full-time officers, all activists of the CF are volunteers.


  • Notes:
    1. Details relating to meetings and practical executive mechanisms in this document will be later defined and published in further documents
    2. The contents of this document may alter at any time, according to the requirements of the activities of Children First.


  • Remarks:

The Founding Committee has elected Soraya Shahabi as the Chairperson of the CF for a term of two years, commencing from the date of this document.