Children Firstís mission is to defend the civil and human rights of children everywhere and to fight for improvement in their living conditions and social status. We advocate that children must come first, above any national, economic, political, ideological, religious and cultural considerations and interests. We believe that the physical and emotional well-being of children, their welfare and their free development is the most paramount priority under all conditions and views the way a society treats its children as the most telling testimony to its humanity and liberty.





1. Children First is an international campaign. Children First endeavours to expand itís activities to include as many countries and communities as possible regardless of class, race, geographical, political, national, ethnic, cultural and religious barriers and boundaries.


2. Children First is a non-governmental organization and everyone concerned about the rights of children are welcomed as members.


3. Children First will engage in a continual campaign to raise public awareness regarding the condition of children worldwide. It will use all legal means available from acting as a public lobby group to direct actions to defend the well-being and rights of children.


4. Children First welcomes the support and contributions of all people and groups. This includes individuals, community based groups as well as non-governmental and governmental bodies who share itís vision.


5. Children First is a non-profit, voluntary, independent organization. With the exception of a limited number of paid full-time officers, the work of the organization is done by volunteers.